Email mit Passwort

Aktuell geht eine Email an mit Eurem Passwort im Betreff und in der Email.

Das Ganze kommt von Cybereinbrüchen bei

Online-Diensten wie Yahoo, LinkedIn, eBay oder YouPorn etc..

Ändert bitte euer Passwort auf allen Portalen wo Ihr dieses Verwendet

Es ist ein Fake und Ihr solltet auf Keinen fall Zahlen !

Auch Heise hat bereits drüber Berichtet.



Hello dear!
My name is Adam Jefferson.

I will be brief, time ago I have breached your system, set a screencaptchure software and found a fascinating adult videos you had been watching(you know what I am talking about, little pervert).
Then I acquired all of your associates, buddies and kins lists.

Here is your email password - ********* <- Ihr Passwort
(you could have changed it, does not matter because your entire information is on my dedicated server now)

Do you understand what am I saying? I bet you do.

To forget all I found and remove your entire kinky URLs and personal information, I would like just 600$, payment is simple, you'll transfer it to my BTC wallet.
Here it is:1Bgem54wP46iYhB4DAEmGpjHugg3MHGK1
New with bitcoin? Just google it!

I am waiting for 30 hours, from the moment you read this email(I'll know it for sure).
Then I am gonna send every thing I have to your pals and family, which will be complete disgrace and great shame.
Do not tempt fate, pay just once and rest well.

Please don't try to contact me, it's impossible.